The Ramsey, Pate, Silver/Silber, Grooms, Correll, Randolph,
Woodard/Woodward, Griffith, Hyde, Molyneux, French, Kidder,
Spalding, Standish, Moore, MacCubin (McAlpine), Radcliffe, Gerard, Duvall,
De Holland/De Holand, Reade, De Bruce, Chadwick, Standley, and Thomas. Surname List
The Ramsey Family

The Taylor, Hard, Hayden, Dukes, Wyllys, Harlakenden,
Robinson, Pitts, Milliken, Holcombe, Strobel, Dwight,
English, Edge, Chapin/Chapyn, Adams, Bradford/Bradfourth,
Stebbing, Beauchamp, and Woodford Surname List
The Taylor Ancestors




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