The Ramsey and Taylor Ancestors

This is the Pate Family Photo Album

This side of the family came from Ireland and England.

Turner Riley Pate and Lizzie Edwards (Pate)11/1/1964, Charles' great-grandfather and grandmother on the Pate side. They lived in Yancey County, NC.

Turner Riley Pate and Lizzie Edwards (Pate) with their great-grandchilren at the time, the year was 1962. Lloyd Pate, Kevin Pate, Charles Ramsey, Turner Riley Pate, Lizzie Edwards Pate, Kathy Pate from left to right.

This is an early picture of three of Charle's uncles, Harold, Keith, and and Carroll. Harold died in Korea in December 1950. He was serving in the US Air Force.

This is the last picture that was taken of Harold just before he was killed in Korea in 1950. He was home on leave and was with his girlfriend.

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