The Ramsey and Taylor Ancestors

The Ramsey Ancestors

The Ramsey's primarily came from Scotland. One line is a direct descendant of Lord Of Mormaer Duncan and includes some of the kings of Scotland such as Duncan, the one killed by MacBeth, and William I the Lion King of Scotland. This king of Scotland, whose crest is on the main page, is Charles' 31st great grandfather. Charles is also related to Robert the Bruce of William Wallace (Braveheart) fame.

We have the Silber's/Silver's from Germany who came into NC in the late 1700's. To learn more about that side of the family, you can visit the Silver family web site at Silver Genealogy

There is the Molyneux line from England that with Eleanor (Molyneux) Molineux marries into the Hyde line in the 1500's and then Jonathan Hyde b. 1626 comes into America in Newton, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts along with his wife, Mary French b. 1633
MOLYNEUX MULLINAX North American One-Name-Study

The Hyde line can be located at: Gathering Nuts

Surnames collected here include but are not limited to: Ramsey, Pate, Silver/Silber, Grooms, Correll, Randolph, Woodard/Woodward, Griffith, Hyde, Molyneux, French, Kidder, Spalding, Standish, Moore, MacCubin (McAlpine), Radcliffe, Gerard, Duvall, De Holland/De Holand, Reade, De Bruce, Chadwick, Standley, and Thomas.

The Taylor Surname List

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