The Ramsey and Taylor Ancestors

This is the Ramsey Family Photo Album

This side of the family is primarily of Scottish descent.

Jacob Wesley Fortner and Michieroe Stanley (Fortner), Charles' great-grandfather and grandmother on the Ramsey side. They lived in Madison County, NC. The picture was made at John and Bertie F. Ward's home in 1935. We can only go back one more generation on the Fortner's to William Fortner. And only one more generation on "Michie" to her father, Nash Stanley

Jacob Wesley Fortner and Michieroe Stanley (Fortner), Charles' great-grandfather and grandmother. Not sure of when this picture was taken.

Michieroe Stanley (Fortner), Charles' great-grandmother as a young girl.

Michieroe Stanley (Fortner), Charles' great-grandmother. Picture redone in January 1969, original taken in 1960.

James Bunyan Ramsey as a young man. He is Charles' grandfather. He was born in December 1898 in Madison County, NC.

The next few are taken in the 1940's, I believe and are in no particular order. I think they were all taken while the Ramsey's were living in Madison County, NC.

James Bunyan Ramsey and Burton (Charles Senior) with Blazer, the dog.

James Bunyan Ramsey with Maggie, Ralph, Catherine, and Evelyn Ramsey.

Bobby, Wesley, Ralph, Robert, Marsha, Burton (Charles Senior), and Doris

James Bunyan, Marsha, and Robert

Bobby, Burton (Charles Senior), and Shirley

Bobby, Maggie, and James Bunyan

Bobby Ramsey

Shirley Ramsey

The next few were taken in the early 1960's according to the date on the photographs. As to where they were taken, probably in Asheville, NC.

Evelyn, Robert, and Bud Correll

Evelyn, Robert, and Marsha Correll

Evelyn, Robert, Marsha Correll, and Pat Ramsey

Robert and Bud with a watermelon

Burton (Charles Senior), Charles (Junior), Pat and Bobby Ramsey

Shirley Ramsey

Shirley and Billy Gutherie

And this one was made recently, I say recently but Ralph died in 1994. So it had to be made before then. And that's been 10 years now.

Ralph Ramsey

That's all I have for now. If I am able to find more, I'll post them. Liz

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