The Ramsey and Taylor Ancestors

The Taylor Ancestors

I started this search six years ago, after my mother, Betti Ruth Robinson, died and I have become slightly obsessed since. Thanks to her youngest sister, I got some information on her side of the family but the bulk of my research has been on my father's side. We have several of us in our family doing genealogical research and thankfully several family web sites to share research together.

Here is a listing of the web sites:

Michael A Milliken's Home Page The Milliken line

The World-wide Family of Malu Del McDonald The Milliken line The Strobel line. Offline at the moment, unknown when it will be back up.

Holcombe Genealogy The Hayden/Holcombe line

Burge Family Genealogies The Wilcoxson line

The English Plantation The English line

Surnames collected here include but are not limited to:
Taylor, Hard, Hayden, Dukes, Wyllys, Harlakenden, Robinson, Pitts, Milliken, Holcombe, Strobel, Dwight, English, Edge, Chapin/Chapyn, Adams, Bradford/Bradfourth, Stebbing, Beauchamp, and Woodford

The Ramsey Surname List

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