The Ramsey and Taylor Ancestors

This is the Taylor/Hard/Wyllys Family Photo Album

This side of the family is primarily of English descent.

This is a hand painted rendition of the house occupied by James Taylor,
born about 1806 died 3 Dec 1872. His spouse was Elizabeth Ann Tyler b: 1824 d: 10 Nov 1850.
They had 10 children, one of which was my great grandfather, George Edwyn Taylor.

This is a hand drawn watercolor of the house known as "Mountain View (also on the front page).
It was the summer home of the Taylors/Hards. Before air conditioning was invented, the wealthy along the coast would escape to their summer homes in the mountains in the upper part of South Carolina. Ashtabula Plantation, owned by another branch of my family, the Bowens, during the late 1800's was one such retreat.

Daniel Strobel, Sr. b: Abt. 1734 d: 1806 and Maria Elisabetha Martin b: 02 Dec 1732 d: 07 Aug 1807
They had 12 children. Daniel Strobel is my 4th great grandfather on my father's side.

This photo is Rev Edward Taylor's grave.
Rev. Edward Taylor b. 1642, d. 29 Jun 1729, spouse is Ruth Wyllys b. 1656 d. 27 Jan 1730 granddaughter of John Haynes 1st Governor of the Colony of Connecticut and George Wyllys Governor of the Colony of Connecticut 1642. I've got a copy of Rev. Taylor's papers which are available here to download.

This photo is of the three youngest, Wynnie (Edwynne); Wyllys; and John From left to right, it's John, Wynnie, and Wyllys.

This photo is a picture of my grandfather, Wyllys Hard Taylor and his siblings.
Frpm left to right: Frank Eugene Taylor, Sr.; Wyllys Hard Taylor, Sr.; Jane Eliza Adger Bowen (Frank's wife); John Stuart Taylor; Sr, Edwynne Taylor and her husband, John Mitchell Jenkins, Sr; Hazael Earle Gilreath (John Stuart's wife); Emma Julia Taylor; missing from the photo is Caroline Tyler Taylor. "Pop" as my father and I called my grandfather had a total of 8 siblings. By the time the photo was made, he had lost Mary Cornelia Taylor; James Henry Taylor; and Ethel Taylor.

This is one of the earliest photos of me. It's of my grandfather and grandmother in the late 1950's. Wyllys Hard Taylor, Sr b: 30 Sep 1884 d: 14 Jun 1964 and Nadene Hayden b: 10 Sep 1903 d: 25 Apr 1977 They had five children, one of which is my father.

This is my grandfather, Wyllys Hard Taylor, Sr. taken about 5 years before he died.

My grandmother, Nadene Hayden b: 10 Sep 1903 d: 25 Apr 1977, spouse to Wyllys Hard Taylor with me.

The rest I have are of living people who have not given permission to have their information online.
You can download the above photos individually or download the zip file here, which is of higher quality files.

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