The Ramsey and Taylor Ancestors

This is the Hayden/Dukes Family Photo Album

This side of the family is primarily of English descent.

This is the family home of William Postell Dukes b: 21 Aug 1839 d. 13 Sep 1911 and Elizabeth Margaret Ann Whetsell b: 02 Dec 1839 d: 13 Feb 1926 who were my 2nd great grandfather and grandmother on my father's side. It was located in Rowesville, South Carolina, in Orangeburg County, South Carolina. They had 10 children. I am descended from one of the youngest, Olive Janet. Some people think her name was Ollie but I have a copy of her birth record written in her mother's hand and it plainly states "Olive".

This is a photo of my 2nd great grandfather, William Postell Dukes. And this is his wife, my 2nd great grandmother Elizabeth Margaret Ann Whetsell

This photo is the headstone with the dates on it.

This photo is Stella Simmons Dukes, my great grandmother Olive's younger sister.

This photo is of Edith Mae Dukes, my 1st cousin 3 times removed.

This is a formal portrait of my grandmother, her brother, sister, my great grandmother, and great grandfather. Left to right: Thomas Jefferson Hayden, Jr (Bubba); my grandmother: Nadeene Hayden; my great grandmother: Olive Janet Dukes; my great grandfather: Thomas Jefferson Hayden, Sr; and my great aunt: Margaret Hayden.

This is a photo of Mamie (as we called my great grandmother) in her mid years.

This photo is how I remember my great grandmother, Olive Janet Dukes aka Mamie.
This one was taken just a couple of years before she died.

This photo was a formal shot of Margaret Hayden, my great aunt. Taken about the mid 80's.

This photo is one of the last photos I have of my great aunt, Margaret Hayden. It was taken in Sept 1996.
She died in October 1999.

The rest I have are of living people who have not given permission to have their information online.
You can download the above photos individually or download the zip file here, which are higher quality and untouched.

Ramsey Family Photo Album

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